Weight Loss / Be Slim Program

Are you looking to lose or gain weight?

Our Be Slim Program is unique in the world. We are focusing on clients who want to lose weight and those who want to gain weight. Our approach focuses on:

  • Long Term perspective:

    Nearly 80% of people who lose weight gain it back in 5 years (2018 Research review in  Medical Clinics of North America). This is a disturbing statistic. Your body is super intelligent. It knows what is the best weight you need for your life journey. Our approach is to focus on being Fit and Healthy.

  • We are not just a physical body. We are an energy body having a physical body, emotions, thoughts, beliefs, and experiences. Our Be Slim program focuses on the Holistic You vs just the physical you. You consist of dense energy (physical body) and subtle energies (emotions, thoughts, etc). Your physical body is affected by your energy body. In a holistic approach, we look at all aspects of you to maintain the perfect health, the perfect weight, and size.
  • Like energy attracts like energy in the world of energy. We are energy beings. The more negative emotions we hold within our bodies, the more we are attracted to junk foods. Junk food holds lower vibrations like our negative emotions. They attract each other. It requires a lot of willpower to eat healthily. In our Be Slim Program, we learn to raise our vibrations so we automatically gravitate towards healthier foods and drinks.

Our program results in a happier, healthier, and fit you. You will enjoy the journey of reaching your weight goal. There are huge positive shifts that will happen as you embark on this journey with our program. Many of my clients have tears when they discuss how hard it has been for them to lose or gain weight in the old paradigm. In the new paradigm we will be sharing with you, you will be amazed at how things will shift for you.,

We focus on being slim, healthy, and fit vs just weight. We create changes within you that will help you not only in the short term but long term to maintain a fit body. And to be a happier version of yourself.

Our program is for 15 weeks. We will have sessions twice a week. We will use modalities such as life coaching, hypnotherapy, energy cleansing (chakra and aura cleansing), and recordings. You will be supported in many ways. We are 100% committed to you reaching your goals.

The Be Slim Program is priced at $3000 US dollars. We offer 30 minutes free consultation. 

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