Karuna Healing Center

"I have worked with Karuna for several months. She is very effective, kind and flexible. I have learned a many ways to focus and find joy in my life with her assistance. Our relationship is a special resource for me that I will continue to use as I go my path. Karuna is also so sensitive and provides great input. She is a stellar hypnotherapist."

A.I., Bay Area writes
Karuna Healing Center

The experience allowed me to explore thoughts without prejudice which triggered deeper meanings that seemed to just come to me. It allowed me to put my life into the perspective of the universe, reminding me that although we are small specs, we have important roles to play in the grand scheme of things. Past life regression has been helpful in aiding me to craft my life in a way that I feel more fulfilled and accomplished. Thank you for the experience.

Jason K.
Karuna Healing Center

Karuna's work is amazing. She has the utmost integrity and she is truly compassionate. I intended to work with her for a few short weeks but ultimately spent many months with her. She helped me realize the amount of power I had in creating the amazing life that I want to live. I have brought people and circumstances into my life, that before working with Karuna, I would have overlooked. I would recommend her to anyone who seeks a greater understanding of their ability to direct their life, or for those who seek small changes and greater stress relief.

G.S., Bay Area, posted in Yelp on 2/27/2011
Karuna Healing Center

After attending 4 Reiki sessions with you I have definitely become a more balanced, more stable person. I was emotionally unstable, was kind of in a negative loop all the time. I also had bad lower back issues that got resolved after Reiki. I am so glad I connected with you, interacting with you has helped me change my outlook towards people, towards life. I am hoping to learn and explore more about the spiritual aspects of life.

(Jan 12th 2020 class, S.K.)
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