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Reiki Healing

Reiki is the spiritual healing energy provided by the universe.
I am a Holy Fire Usui Reiki Master. My Reiki rates are nominal as I want more and more people to benefit from this spiritually guided healing energy. I think this is the best gift you can give yourself. I have attempted to answer some common questions people have about Reiki on this page. You can receive Reiki energy healing in person or from a distance. Both are equally effective as this energy can travel across time and space.

Chakra and Aura Cleanse

We offer a 2.5-hour session to cleanse major chakras and your aura. Click here to get details. 

Past Life Regression

Do you feel Deja Vu when you meet someone or visit someplace? Do you believe you have lived other lifetimes? Dr. Brian Weiss, a pioneer in popularizing past lives in the western world, was a non believer in past lives until his practice proved him wrong. His book 'Many Lives, Many Masters' became a national bestseller and awakened the western world to the concept of reincarnation. Nearly 2/3rds of the world believes in this concept.

Our soul collects knowledge, experiences, and spiritual growth through many lifetimes and records all these experiences and patterns in our energy field. The patterns we have cultivated about finances, relationships, career choices, skills, expertise, etc., are affecting us every day of our life. They help frame our current personality. Our cells carry the memories of all lifetimes. We are prone to repeating patterns of behavior from lifetime to lifetime till we release these patterns. Once we release, the pattern is wiped out.

Karuna Healing Center


Did you know that...
Hypnosis is the most studied field in Psychology –
researched over 70,000 times with proven effectiveness

Hypnotherapy is a type of mind-body intervention in which hypnosis is used to create a state of focused attention and increased suggestibility in treating a medical or psychological disorder or concern. Wikipedia

What is Hypnotherapy?

You have the biggest supercomputer in the world between your ears. It stores your habits, beliefs, values, behavior patterns, emotions, fears, phobias, goals, and experiences in the deeper layers of your subconscious mind.

Life Coaching

Looking at life from various perspectives including spiritual

Why would you need a Life Coach or Personal Coaching?

  • Are you stuck in your career and don't know how to move ahead?
  • Feeling overwhelmed by the promotion you got?
  • Feeling the politics in the workplace getting to you?
  • Wanting to change your career but don't know what to do?
  • Are your relationships draining you?
  • Do you feel 'alone' with your problems in life?
  • Are your fears getting in your way of success?
  • Are you starting a new business and feeling lost in the process?
  • Just frustrated about life?
Karuna Healing Center
Karuna Healing Center

Energetic Space Clearing

Clearing negative energies, entities, and imprints from the workspace, home, and land.

This is a service I offer, and the feedback has been great. I don't have to visit the space in person as I can cleanse the home/workplace/land from a distance, just like I do distance healing of people. Energy travels across time and space.

Our energy field affects the energy of the home. When going through tough times, we radiate negative energies in the house, which can get lodged in furniture, walls, etc. Fights, arguments, and stress people living in the house are feeling all impact the home's energy. Time to realize that we are energy beings and are affected by energies around us. It is a great idea to get your house cleaned energetically by professionals periodically. If you are interested in this service, contact me so I can provide an estimate based on the size of your home. I also do energetic cleansing of the land. Contact me if you want an estimate of your home to cleanse.


Karuna Healing Center offers corporate and small group classes for stress management, self-hypnosis, goal settingweight losssmokingReiki healingchakra clearing, relaxation workshop, Being in the Now, Anger management, and many other topics.

We offer classes on various topics annually at nominal rates so more people can benefit. Being in a group helps a lot as the group energy is very powerful. In most of the classes, we offer the option to join via skype.

Reiki Level 1, 2, Master, Holy Fire

This is a good class to attend if you are guided to learn Reiki energy healing. Reiki Level 2 is estimated to be nearly 200 to 400 times more powerful than Reiki Level 1. There is 21-day self-cleansing after the class, and combining both levels will shorten the self-cleansing to 1/2. This is doing it every day for 21 days.

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Karuna Healing Center
Karuna Healing Center

Predict Your Future (Spiritual Journey):

"Things are organized and structured in the Universe. Your life follows a cycle giving you opportunities in the cycle to grow spiritually, to better your life and reach higher levels of peace, happiness. There is an inner astrology for your life, an inner blueprint. This is not traditional astrology or astronomy. We are part of a cosmic cycle, a microcosm within a macrocosm. We have our own cycles and life unfolds based on this blueprint. Things in your life are not happening randomly. 

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