Past Life Regression

Do you have feelings of Deja Vu when you meet someone or visit some place? Do you believe you have lived other lifetimes? Dr Brian Weiss who is a pioneer is popularizing past lives in western world was a non-believer in past lives till his practice proved him wrong. His book 'Many Lives, Many Masters' became a national best seller and awakened the western world to the concept of reincarnation. Nearly 2/3rds of the world believes in this concept.

Our soul goes through many lifetimes collecting knowledge, experiences and spiritual growth. It records all these experiences and patterns in our energy field. The patterns we have cultivated about finances, relationships, career choices, skills, expertise etc. are affecting us every day of our life. They help frame our current personality. Our cells carry the memories of all lifetimes. We are prone to repeating patterns of behavior from lifetime to  lifetime till we release these patterns. Once we release, the pattern is wiped out.

Even though we don't have a lot of scientific knowledge on how the cells release memories, we do have proof that revisiting our past lives does release the memories/energy associated with these memories. There are instances when we develop a sudden fear or physical issue at a particular age. Even medical doctors do not know why we manifest illness. These emotional issues or physical symptoms may be a result of some experiences we had in earlier lifetimes.

Past Life Regression

People come for Past Life Regression sessions for multiple reasons such as:

  • To discover their connection to people in their life now
  • To understand their phobias/ fears
  • Out of curiosity
  • For spiritual growth.
  • For relationship issues. Sometimes we are not able to attract the right soulmate due to patterns we set in place in earlier lifetimes. Some attract the wrong mate all the time.
  • Birth marks are many times linked to some injury we had at that part of our body in an earlier lifetime.
  • For financial issues. Sometimes we have been through poverty in many lifetimes and we continue to repeat this pattern in our current lifetime. We just don't attract wealth.
  • Sometimes people have specific questions about their life that they want answers to.
  • To know their purpose in life or what they need to do in this lifetime.
    One thing is for certain. As you review your past lifetimes you do grow spiritually. Knowing about reincarnation and actually experiencing it via past life regression are two very different knowing’s. It’s like knowing about an apple and actually eating it. You do release energy as you revisit lifetimes. You feel lighter and gain self-confidence, understand your abilities better, understand what it is that you need to do next in your life.

The session lasts about 3 hours. Check our Packages and Pricing section for prices.

In between Life therapy

Our soul does not go from one earth lifetime to another directly. Many times, we pause between reincarnations to remain in spirit form. To learn from other dimensions. In in-between life therapy, we visit our higher self in the spirit form and connect with our spiritual masters. They give us messages and understanding on our current life. 

This is very powerful session as we learn from our masters and guides. Most of the time clients are totally awestruck after the session. Their perspective on their current life changes and they are able to understand better why they are here. The spiritual masters are ever loving and always ready to help. The session lasts about 3 hours just like Past Life Regression sessions. Check our Packages and Pricing section for prices.

Article by Madisyn Taylor (DailyOM)

The effects of a past life can manifest in your current life in many ways but should be used as a tool, not an excuse.

Inside our subconscious lie our memories from past lives. Though we seldom remember even having lived these past lives, the experiences we had living them have had a hand in shaping who we are today. The effects of a past life can manifest in a later lifetime in many ways - phobias, self-limiting beliefs, physical problems, or innate creative abilities. Violence, death, and trauma in a past life may show up as fear, uncontrollable anger, or low self-esteem in this one, while positive experiences from an earlier lifetime may cause you to feel strongly drawn to certain people, places, or objects without knowing why.

Many people turn to past life regression therapists to revisit their past lives. Past life regression allows you to recall the memories and emotions associated with a past life that continue to exert an influence over your present reality. You may not have even been aware that these experiences are still affecting you today. Past life regression therapy can offer you a unique opportunity to reconnect with these memories so you can understand them and free yourself.

To discover more about your past lives, consider keeping a notebook where you can record anything that could be a memory from a different lifetime. You may also feel drawn to a particular period in history, a seemingly unfamiliar locale, or a new person you've met who seems oddly familiar. Pick a time and choose a place where you can relax. Envision your body being filled with healing white light. Remember that nothing you see or hear will harm you. Ask yourself what you hope to achieve through regression and connect with your inner vision. Observe what you see without judgment. When you are done, think about how what you experienced relates to your present life. There may be beliefs from a past life that you are still operating under but are now ready to let go of. The significance of your past life memory may not be immediately obvious until much later. You can make the most of your past lives by learning from them. While past life regression can be an exciting journey, it is not a substitute for living in the present where we are most needed right here and now.

Client Testimonials

"The information from the session has changed my view on my life in the way that I interact with people and handle situations. Because I understand my life purpose with detail, I feel like I can more easily filter out the noise in my daily life. I am able to really take action and visibly see/perceive synchronicities. I feel more at peace and focused as opposed to constantly seeking. Overall, I am very happy with the information I have come to know."

So, thank you and God bless!!!! Inner healing has occurred. Third eye is stronger. Also, there is clarity. In hindsight, the most  significant item that truly resonated for me at the session was the excitement of meeting my Astral family. It felt like home at the meadow. All other experiences were secondary in comparison.

Karuna, just wanted to say thank you for the awesome work you do! The puzzle fully fits and is becoming clear what specific lessons each relationship brings to my life. It's simply amazing how intentional the whole cycle is. If you had not prodded more and some more, I would not have reached this point of waking up! I feel a lot of gratitude.

Jason K.

The experience allowed me to explore thoughts without prejudice which triggered deeper meanings that seemed to just come to me. It allowed me to put my life into the perspective of the universe, reminding me that although we are small specs, we have important roles to play in the grand scheme of things. Past life regression has been helpful in aiding me to craft my life in a way that I feel more fulfilled and accomplished. Thank you for the experience.

MT, San Jose

Hi Karuna. Thank you. Since we last meet my life has taken flight. I've received many new opportunities for spiritual and professional growth. No doubt there have been a few quantum shifts that have changed the trajectory of my life. Things I never thought possible, now seem very likely. All the best.

AS from Dallas

I have had 3 sessions with Karuna to deal with low energy levels due to stress and to work on my confidence levels and I have to say that I have definitely noticed a change in me. I can honestly say that I feel different. Even though I may still get stressed or upset, the level at which I go down and the recovery time back to a peaceful state has significantly decreased to the point that I have taken note and have been very pleasantly surprised.

My energy levels were extremely low at the end of the day and trying to raise 2 kids on my own seemed impossible and overwhelming. I am now ready to face the situation more practically and head on because I can notice that my ability to handle stress has changed in me so that I don't feel so hopeless. I highly recommend this form of therapy to everyone I know and those I don't because it works and I am proof.
Karuna is compassionate, as her name suggests, and her voice and method will clearly soothe you and affect you positively with no doubt. I continue my sessions with her.
Thank you Karuna!

TF, Bay Area.

Hi Karuna,
Thank you for everything. You are not just a hypnotherapist. You are a life coach, and a life transformer! I am so thankful for having you in my life and appreciate each and every minute of our time. All the best.

ZP, Hungary, Europe.

I personally like to talk to you always, because I think I get to know so many new things better understand. 🙂

When I listen to your lessons during workshops, I always have a feeling: "Why did I not hear these things during my own active Table Tennis career??" I am convinced I could have used them in a very good way generally too, especially if I have had someone who personally could have helped me. Since time is over and I cannot start my career again, I am happy that for the generation of today also these methods are available to reach results as table tennis is definitely a mental game. Magic wrist is nice, of course, but without good trained mind it is nothing. Now everything is possible and the systems and methods are offered to our youngsters even from far distance, great!

The personal sessions were completely new experience for me. I learned some methods how to get bad thoughts away, how to sleep easier when it is necessary to sleep, but different thoughts do not allow you to sleep, even how to get my feet warmer!

Thank you Karuna! I look forward to our next meeting! 🙂

Megan, Bay Area.

Thank you so much for sharing your gif with me yesterday. It was truly a life-changing experience for me. I feel a greater sense of clarity and direction in this life due to the experiences I had yesterday.

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