Can we process Pain/Trauma/Grief?

I see Earth as a school and we are here to learn, grow, and enjoy the school. Staying with the passive energies of grief and pain just makes the journey so much more difficult. The pain is like an acid within. It will keep corroding your insides. It will continuously decrease your ability to enjoy life. This affects not only you but everyone around you. Over time, it affects your physical health. Then you experience pain and grief at losing your health. Seventy to ninety percent of our communication is non-verbal. So even if you do not intend to share your grief and pain, you are doing it with others without your conscious intention.

Losing a loved one is a tough energy to move past. It is a deep wound that needs professional help. Just like physical wounds on the body. Small wounds you can bandage at home and heal. Deeper wounds require medical assistance. Likewise, deeper emotional wounds require professional help. My advice is to seek holistic help. Emotions and thoughts cannot be rationalized so trying to seek help where they use rationalization to go through this will take a very long time. Working with the emotional, mental, and spiritual body is my area of expertise. I speak from my experience as a life coach and holistic energy healer. Use non-traditional tools and techniques to process pain, trauma, grief, and other emotions. There is always learning from experiences and that is an integral part of healing. If I can do it, so can you. My approach is non-traditional, and unconventional when working through life experiences.

Grief can be experienced with relationship breakups, financial issues, and health issues. It is the same energy manifesting through various experiences. Grief and sadness are passive, sticky, heavy energy. Learn, process, release. Don’t hold on.

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