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This is my story on how I got started on the healing journey. How events unfolded without my conscious attempts to change careers. It was as if a higher power was moving me without me even realizing that my life was about to be changed forever.

I started my career as a Lecturer teaching Physics in a college in India to 11th and 12th grade kids. I had just completed my Masters in Physics. I loved teaching and used to earn my pocket money by giving tuitions when I was a student, so moving into teaching as a career seemed natural to me. I always enjoyed teaching even as a kid. 

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The lure of computers motivated me to study for a year and get a diploma in Computer Science and move into High Tech world of computers. I worked at one of the largest Management Consultany Firms in India. I loved working with varying kinds of clients from huge multi-national corporations to small businesses. I moved to United States on a project and enjoyed being here so got my US citizenship after some years. I started my USA career on the east coast and them moved to west coast after a few months as it was getting too cold on the east coast for me (I did come from a tropical climate!).

I worked in high tech corporations like Oracle Corporation, Sun Microsystems,  Hitachi Data Systems as a business analyst and then later as Project and Program Manager. I loved my job and enjoyed interacting with internal and external clients. I worked on really large scale projects affecting thousands of clients to small projects with tens of clients. This gave me a lot of experience working horizontally and vertically in the organization, improving my communication skills, leadership qualities, functional knowledge and ability to handle issues and resolve them. I was gathering subconsciously skills that will help me in my new career of healing.

Around 2006, I started feeling that something was missing in my life. My work was doing great and I have consistently been a high achiever. Yet, some inner calling was making me dissatisfied. I was not consciously aware of my inner calling. I used to volunteer for years at a non-profit organization teaching classes and working in the library there. I got more and more interested in spiritual books and teachings. I have been interested in Yoga and meditation since college years and so this was not unusual. I am a jain by birth. Jainism is a religion of non-violence, Ahimsa. I felt drawn to the spiritual readings on meditation, inner journey written by Jain monks.  I started reading other religions books such as Buddhism, Taoism, Hindusim.  In books by Mahaprajnaji (a very well renowned Jain religious leader) I encountered hypnosis. I always thought of hypnosis was for fun and used by stage hypnotists. So seeing Mahaprajnaji talk about using hypnosis for spiritual growth got me interested in finding out more about hypnosis.

I found an online course to learn self hypnosis. Within weeks of learning self hypnosis I started using it to for personal use. I wanted to do Certification in Project Management for more than 2 years but somehow just could not find time to do it. I had two small kids and full time job so time was a scarce resource for me. With the help of self hypnosis, I increased my motivation, focus and concentration, memory retention and recall. I got my certification in two months. I was overjoyed by the power of hypnosis. So I decided to learn advanced hypnosis. I had no intention of changing career, it was a hobby.  I evaluated many schools of hypnosis and finally selected Hypnosis Motivation Institute (HMI).  They had a rigorous course and I liked the way they added science to teaching hypnosis. That aligned with my science background and felt more practical and appealed to my left brain.


As I was studying advanced hypnotherapy, I started using the techniques I was learning with friends from work and home. It astonished me to see results with them and with myself. I always like to try things on myself first. I have to see it working for me before I feel I can help others. Somehow subconsciously I was programming myself for hypnotherapy career but consciously I was still a Program Manager. I resisted even the idea of career change. But the seeds were sown and I was being pushed as if by an unknown force into reading more and more books on healing, attending seminars and gaining knowledge and experience. I completed my advanced hypnotherapy course, did my internship and got certification. Yet, no plans to change careers.


For those of you who believe in Divine force, my spritual masters decided they have to do something drastic to move me out of comfort zone. I got into an accident under bizarre circumstances. I was hit on an unknown street, at night on a route that I am really familiar with. I missed the exit on the freeway, landed up in an industrail area. It was a hit and run. Somehow we managed to drive my car back to home and then the car stopped working. It was totaled. I had some neck injuries that prevented me from working full time again. I knew I was given a second chance and I needed to do something different with my life. My self hypnosis was continously guiding me to healing and I decided I needed to hear my inner voice and follow it. It was a big jump for me and I am thankful that my family supported me and made it possible for me to try something new.


I finally quit my IT job and started on starting my practice as a hypnotherapist. Amazingly my neck pains disappeared as well. I had no knowledge about starting a business but somehow things just seem to  happen for me and the roadblocks were removed one by one for me to began my practice. There were many roadblocks on the way and it needed persistence and strong belief in what I was doing, that helped me move along.  I had to change many of my subconscious programmed beliefs, habits and behaviors on the way. I used self hypnosis to help me change myself and align to my new career. I feel so blessed that I was given this second chance.


As I started my new career, I was helping only a few clients at first.  A healing profession requires greater emotional strength and I needed to build that. I used to get so involved in my clients emotional issues that it started draining my energy.  Some days I felt so exhausted. I wondered what was happening. I have worked 12 to 15 hours a day in my IT career and never felt so exhausted. Something was happening to my energy. I started reading and googling to find out more about energy and how to build my energy levels so I can persue my dream of helping thousands of people. I needed more energy.  That added another dimension to my practice as I learnt energy techniques and started sharing them with my hypnotherapy clients.  It was working!.  I decided to get myself certified and add it professionally to my practice.


Working with hundreds of clients, I realized that I am helping them with their life issues. Clients come for one thing and then realize how powerful hypnosis is and want to work on their other life challenges in finance, careers goals, relationships.  I was not only doing hypnotherapy and energy  healing, I was coaching them as well. So it seemed a natural progression to get myself certified as a Life Coach.


My practice is my spiritual journey. I am blessed to have a job that I love and that gives me energy and allows me and my clients to grow together.  With each client I help, I know we are together making the world a better place. As we overcome our issues and challenges, we are subconsiously becoming mentors for others, helping others and healing the planet. I am excited at this chapter of my life. I like to work from my heart and get immense happiness to see my clients change in front of my eyes. I feel humbled and blessed to be an enabler in other's life journey.


That's my story so far. If you are ready to manifest changes in your life, I would love to help you. Don't hesitate to call me even if you have financial issues at present and can't afford to pay my fees. I would still like to help you in some way.


Thank you for reading. 

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