Relationship Issues

Can we heal toxic relationships?

What does it mean to heal a relationship? What can you do to heal this? Sharing some practical steps you can take.
Toxic/ Challenging relationships can be with anyone: family, friends, colleagues, bosses, parents, siblings, or neighbors. It can be relationships leading to separation, animosity, victimhood, or divorce.
Earth is a school and relationships are one of the most difficult subjects in this school. You can see people struggling with relationships in some parts of their life. If you pass this subject exam, you have taken a huge leap in your soul development. You will enjoy greater joy and harmony in your life.
What does healing a relationship mean?
Healing a relationship means being able to look at the relationship through compassion and love. If you can bring that relationship to a point where you feel compassion for the other person or you reach a state of neutral emotions, then. you are on the path to passing this difficult subject, graduating from Earth School. Healing also implies forgiving yourself and the other person. Healing is about releasing negativity and bringing balance to your energy field. 
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