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I started a blog in 2010. Few. years down the line, I moved into publishing newsletters for my contacts and posting small posts on Facebook. Some of the posts are listed on this page. There are many more at the blog. Go to my Blog by clicking here.

My To Do list is to compile all my newsletters posts and publish on blog. Not sure when that will be completed.

You can send me email info@karuna-healing.com if you want to be added to my newsletter.

Power v/s Force

Man thinks he lives by virtue of the forces he can control, but in fact, he’s governed by power from unrevealed sources, power over which …

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Secrets of the Millionaire mind

The first thing I did was commit to my success and playing to win. I swore I would focus and not even consider leaving this …

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The Secret

This is your life, and it’s been waiting for you to discover it! Up until now you may have been thinking that life is hard …

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Happy for no reason by Marc Shimoff

We’re still hard-wired the same way: we pay more attention to the negative than to the positive. As the psychologist and brain researcher Dr Rick …

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Make brisk walking a positive habit

“Not running, not jogging, but walking is your most efficient exercise and the only one you can safely follow all the years of your life.” – …

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Story Adversity

A farmer owned an old mule. The mule fell into the farmer’s well. The farmer discovered the mule ‘braying’ — or whatever mules do once …

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Other News

We are expanding and adding new modalities of healing constantly to our clinic.

- In 2015, I added my own very powerful modality of energy healing called Compassion Healing. Taking an issue, I can drill into all of you lifetimes, cleasne all events in that lifetime connected to the issue, clear energetic bonds, cancel agreements, vows, covenants, contracts that are no longer applicable, release energies that are not yours, bring back your energies, cleasne and reintegrate it and much much more.

-We added Reiki, NLP and Chakra healing to our clinic in 2011. We realize that there are more than one way to heal and people like choices.

Upcoming Events - Register early

I hold periodic classes on various topics. The classes are fun and priced very reasonably

Contact me if you would be interested in any of the following topics. Class size is limited so register early.

Learn & Practice Self Hypnosis

Learn correct technique of defining goals and manifesting them.

Learn about Reiki and experience it

Strengthen your Immune System.

You can reach me by clicking here or sending me an email at kj@karuna-healing.com or call me at 408-218-5887.

Feedback from earlier Class Participants, Bay Area
VP, Bay Area: I found the classes to be very informative and beneficial. I'd recommend them!

PP, Bay Area: I was thoughtless!! I can't believe that. There are always so many thoughts going on in my mind all the time. It was very relaxing and I really enjoyed it. Your writeup on goals is very helpful. Ireally like the phrase 'Your goals should create some fear and a lot of excitement'.

JC, Bay Area: Thanks for the class today. I enjoyed it very much and also feel much more relaxed to get some work done.

PS, Bay Area: I enjoyed the relaxation session this morning and meeting with you. I wanted to thank you for your time.

AC, Bay Area: The class was very very relaxing. That evening I was surprised at the amount of energy I had. Normally I am tired out by evening. It was really very good.

RA, Bay Area: I wanted to let you know that after the deep breathing exercise, I feel refreshed and more 'awake'. The difference is noticeable. It was as if I took a deep 5 hour nap. Thank you very much.

PV, Bay Area: The class was very very useful. I learnt a lot and can use this to meet my goals now. The material is really good. Thanks.
JP, Bay Area: Yes, I got a lot of information today. There are so many things that I can look into now. You explained it very well. I liked the hypnotherapy relaxation we did. That was so good!
Feedback from Participants Relationship Personality Class :

It was fun and educational.

It was a great class. I really enjoyed it.

I wish my husband was here. It would have helped him so much.

The session last Sunday was interesting. I think because of the subject I teach I was already pretty aware of my own tendencies (in terms of touch, emotional expression, linear and inferential and so on), but it did help me both confirm ways in which I have tried to converge to my husband, and ways I still could do more.

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