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To improve the lives of thousands of people across the globe and, in the process, teach them holistic tools and techniques, empowering them to face life with ease.

Karuna Healing Center

I believe every client is unique and requires a unique approach to healing. For example, I work with many clients on weight loss, and though the goal for most of them is the same, the approach is different. Each client comes with their own set of beliefs, values, and life experiences that make them the person they are. My specialty is creating a personalized approach to helping my clients reach their goals.

Our center offers 1X1 sessions tailoring the sessions to each client's needs. We blend different modalities of healing based on the comfort level of clients.

We also offer periodic classes and workshops so a larger number of people can learn together. Here the group energy provides another unique way to learn and grow.

We conduct programs for corporations tailored to their requirements. The most common programs we found have been Stress Management, Weight Loss, Understanding Holistic health, and Goal Setting.

We are growing as a human species in consciousness. We are realizing now how our emotions, thoughts, and values affect our physical health. Instead of relying on chronic medications, more and more people are moving to holistic methods to work on their issues. We are not just physical; we have other emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies. All our bodies must be healthy and fit to enjoy great health. We specialize in healing all of the bodies, strengthening and empowering you on your journey.

Emotional issues can be stress, anxiety, fears, self-esteem, self-confidence, procrastination, traumatic experiences, grief, anger, pain, panic attacks, and feeling stuck in life. It can also be anxiety surrounding a surgery, giving exams, or addictions. 

Mental issues could be repetitive negative thinking, negative thoughts, or limiting beliefs. 

Spiritual issues – feeling unfulfilled in life, wanting to know WHO AM I, Why am I here. It can be the desire to know your past lives, meet with your spiritual masters, understand life beyond the 5 senses, and explore higher levels of consciousness.


M.S. (Physics), Bombay University, India
Certification in Hypnotherapy (C.Ht) from The Hypnotherapists Union, Certification ID# AL011784
Certified Life Coach, American Union of NLP, Certificate # 4172
Certified Holy Fire Usui Reiki Master (Reiki Energy Healing)
Certified Advanced Pranic Healer (Master Stephen Co)
Certified Master Reiki Healer (Reiki Blessings Academy)
Past Life Regression Therapist, Hypnosis Motivation Institute, CA
Crystal Healer (Master Stephen Co)
Certified NLP Practioner from American University of NLP (www.aunlp.org), certification Number: 2406
Hypnosis and Sports Performance, American Hypnosis Association
Hypnosis and ADHD, American Hypnosis Association
Master Choa Kok Sui Basic Pranic Healing Course
Project Management Professional (PMP) from Project Management Institute, USA (http:www.pmi.org)
Mini-MBA from San Francisco State University


Hypnosis Motivation Institute - HMI
American Hypnosis Association – AHA
The Hypnotherapist's Union Local Chapter 472 - HU47
American University of NLP
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